Cabinet Painting In Sarasota – Why You Should Paint Instead of Replace

Replacing your cabinets can be costly and you may not even like the look once they are installed. However, painting your cabinets is a simpler, cheaper solution. Additionally, this can be redone if you decide you don’t like the initial color. Cabinet painting in Indianapolis is available if that’s what you’re leaning towards, so you won’t be spending the time and money replacing them. 

Cheaper Option – Cabinet Painting In Sarasota

It’s not a surprise that paint is cheaper than new cabinets. Take into consideration the installation and labor costs if you have them professionally installed and the price difference is huge.

Even if you hire professionals for cabinet painting in Indianapolis, you’ll still be paying much less than you would to replace your cabinets.

The average cost to paint your cabinets is about 1/3 to ½ the cost of replacing them! Giving your cabinets a facelift with paint can create a like new look, without the new price.

By painting your cabinets instead of replacing them and saving some extra money, you can put that money to use elsewhere and redo another part of your kitchen or add some new décor to another room to complete the look you’re wanting to achieve.

And in this day and age, busy parents have a lot of uses for that extra money.

Faster Turnaround Time – Cabinet Painting In Sarasota

Replacing your cabinets can take much longer than painting, since you’ll have to hire someone to replace them. This doesn’t include any potential shipping time if the cabinets you want need to be special ordered.

Painting your cabinets can take as little as one day, whereas replacing them can take several days to complete. 

If you decide to paint your cabinets by yourself, it may take even less time and save you more money. Painting cabinets is simple and with the appropriate tools and resources, you can have your cabinets painted to your standards in no time. 

Less Permanent

If you replace your cabinets and decide you don’t like the way they look in your kitchen, it can be a costly loss. You’ll either have to just deal with the cabinets you don’t like or dish out the money to make a change that you do like. By simply painting your cabinets, if you decide you don’t like the color you can always have them repainted to a more pleasing color. 

More Colors

If you want to add a touch of bold color to your kitchen, you’re unlikely to achieve it by replacing your cabinets. Cabinet painting in Indianapolis makes it so you can add a pop of color to your kitchen.  It can truly customize your cabinets without being stuck to a few finishes. 

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you may be deciding whether to replace or paint them. There are quite a few reasons why you should paint them instead of replacing them.

Not only is it cheaper, but it will save time. There are also more available color options for you to choose from since new cabinets have a few standard colors. Also, painting is a less permanent choice and can easily be changed for a different color. 

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