Deck Maintenance In Indianapolis – It’s Important

Maintenance free decks do not exist. With the continuous exposure to sun, rain, and other weather, even the best protected decks require maintenance to ensure a long life. With proper deck maintenance in Indianapolis, decks should last up to 15 years, with some withstanding the elements up to the lifetime of the home. Deck owners know the importance of deck maintenance, since an entire deck could fail without proper care and protection.

Rain and water damage may be the first things that come to mind when it comes to deck maintenance, but the impact of UV rays on wood is underrated. Repeated exposure to harsh UV rays warps and wears down wood. Without proper maintenance, a deck that should last several years may only withstand a few years.

Deep Clean

Keeping your deck debris free by sweeping is not enough. It ensures the deck is pleasant to view, but an annual deep clean can help prolong the life of the deck. Pressure washers and scrubbers are especially effective for this, since they give the deck a deep clean by applying pressure and friction to the porous wood. This opens the wood up, leaving it easier to seal and treat. Only deep clean your deck when the weather is dry and a comfortable 70 degrees, since higher temperatures can affect how treatments and cleaning solutions take to the wood.

Seal – Deck Maintenance in Indianapolis

Appropriately sealing your deck is the key to a long-lasting deck. There are various sealants available. Paint may peel or bubble over time, so you’ll have to sand and repaint, while natural sealants may contain oils that algae and pests love. You may have to contact someone knowledgeable in the area to find what sealant works best for your deck type and climate.

Rain can leave bubbles of moisture on your deck, attracting mold and insects. Both of these things weaken the structural integrity of your deck, making them potentially dangerous if not taken care of. A waterproof seal will help limit moisture exposure, prolonging the life of your deck without extra maintenance.

Before applying sealant to your deck, it is crucial to give it the deep clean mentioned earlier. Dirt and debris can affect how sealant applies to the wood, leaving gaps of untreated or under-treated areas. Once the deep clean is finished, let the deck dry completely. This can take anywhere from 2 days to a week, depending on the climate in your area. Be sure to check the weather for the week, since the sealant could take that long to completely dry!


Inspect your deck every few months, even if it was recently sealed. The sooner you notice damage, the sooner it can be treated before it causes more problems. Replace weak, worn, or cracked boards whenever possible since they can pose a safety hazard.

Proper cleaning and sealing helps protect the wood from harsh elements including rain, snow, and UV rays from the sun. Those elements combined will wear wood down quickly if not properly treated. Keep an eye on your deck and inspect it every few months so you can fix damage as soon as you spot it, before it gets worse. By understanding the importance of deck maintenance, you can ensure your deck lasts many years, maybe even up to the lifetime of the home.

In addition to exceptional painting, we also offer affordable deck maintenance in Indianapolis. Please contact us today if you’d like us to handle your fall deck maintenance. 

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