Downsizing From a Home To an Apartment

Downsizing can be a difficult task when moving, but even downsizing from a home to an apartment doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. With some ingenuity and creativity, you can utilize the space available no matter how small it may be.

Sell or Donate Items You Don’t Need When Downsizing

Decide what you’ll be getting rid of before the move. We often own more than we realize until it comes time to pack up our belongings for a move. To help save crucial space, set items aside you no longer use or no longer wear.

You can either sell the items still in good condition or donate them if you don’t wish to just throw them away. It may be surprising just how many things are no longer used. Going digital whenever you can also help save space, plus it’s better for the environment. Recycle that pile of old magazines and newspapers and consider subscribing to just a digital copy instead. The process of parting ways with things requires you to be completely honest with yourself about what you can live without.

Time to Measure

When you’re downsizing from a home to an apartment, it may be best to measure everything before you have it loaded onto the truck. Floor plans vary greatly, so ensuring you have a plan (and the room) for larger furniture will help avoid snags as you unload.

Take Advantage of Every Inch of Space You’ll Have

Making note of your upcoming square footage can also help you plan out storage. Take into consideration every space you’ll have available in the new apartment, including existing shelves and closets. Utilizing the flooring space beneath your bed can also help ease the burden of downsizing. Store things here that you still use, but not regularly enough to keep out in the open. It’s also great for storing boxes of photos and other keepsakes you want to keep safe. Ottomans are another great asset, since they can be used as furniture and for extra storage space.

Utilize Your Wall Space When

Downsizing from a home to an apartment

Wall mounted shelves make storage so much easier. Many apartments don’t allow you to secure shelving to the wall with nails or screws to prevent damage, so you’ll have to use adhesive strips. Since these strips don’t offer the same security as nailing a shelf into a stud, it is best to only use light weight shelving with lighter items on top.

Downsizing from a home to an apartment Doesn’t Have to be Dreadful

Downsizing can offer a breath of fresh air by allowing you to purge items you don’t need. Organization is key when it comes to downsizing, especially if you’re moving from a larger house to a small studio apartment.

Call A Professional Painter Before Moving In

A professional painter can help in a variety of ways. Moving into a new place can feel draining and empty. However, with a call to a professional painter near you, you can make your home feel energetic and welcoming. Additionally, you can rest assured that all of your belongings are paint free since none are there yet!

All in all, decluttering will assist in removing things from your life that
you no longer have a use for. Sell, donate, or trash items you have duplicates of to save even more space. When you’re making a drastic size cut, it’s important to utilize every bit of storage you can. This means maximizing a shelf’s potential, storing things under your bed, or using other (possibly nonconventional) methods of storage.

Moving from a big home to a small space doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Using the resources you already have available will aid in making your new apartment feel like home in no time.

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