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Whether it’s a house or office building in need of exterior painting, Indy Precision Painters have got you covered. For the most part, exterior paint is going to be more durable than interior paint because it has to be able to withstand the elements.
We are a family owned and operated exterior painting company based in Sarasota, FL, with several years of experience. Additionally, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured.

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Prep Makes All The Difference

When painting the exterior of a house, Precision does all the prep work. For instance, we prep by cleaning surfaces, replacing rotten wood, scraping off paint, and more. Then, we protect the surrounding area from paint splatter. First, when we're ready to paint, we give the exterior a coat of spray paint, back roll, then spray on another coat. Additionally, we also prime all fascia boards.

The Extra Mile

Indy Precision Painters is a professional exterior painting company in Sarasota that provides high-quality paint jobs for both the interior and exterior of homes and buildings. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with quality that stands the test of time.
In fact, if you're not completely satisfied, we will come back and fix any issues until you are 100% satisfied.

Curious About Pricing?

Before thinking that hiring a professional is out of your budget, consider this. If you were to paint the exterior of your own home, calculate the time, energy, materials, and research you would need to do the job well.

After that, compare that to a Precision estimate. Ultimately, the decision should be an easy one.

We treat your home like we treat our own. As a result, Indy Precision Painters provides its customers with personalized attention, professional service, and an impeccable paint job. Most importantly, our service will keep the exterior of your house looking pristine for several years to come.


We have impeccable online reviews, because we take the time to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied.

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