What Makes A Good House Painting Project?

What makes a great paint job?

The first thing to do when you want a paint job done right is to find a reputable painting contractor that fits your needs. You get what you pay for, so if you choose a painting contractor with prices that sound too good to be true, you can’t expect to get a great paint job.

The Process

When it comes to the exterior of your home, the painting process begins with pressure washing. This ensures the removal of dirt, debris, and other pollutants that will interfere with the adherence of the new paint to your home.

A chlorine mixture should be used to cleanse areas of the home that have mold and mildew. Don’t worry, these cleaning products will not hurt plants or animals around your home.

A great paint job always begins with preparation.

Once the home has been pressure washed, it is up to the painting contractor to thoroughly inspect the areas to be painted for damage and rot. These areas must be repaired before being painted, or the new paint will not adhere properly.

There is much more to a great paint job than just painting. Great painting contractors also sand, scrape, caulk, and replace wood to ensure a smooth paint job.


The Color

The most important factor when choosing your home’s new color scheme is the rule set by your homeowner’s association regarding appropriate colors.

If you don’t live in an area with an HOA, you don’t have to worry about adhering to specific rules, but you’ll still want to choose a paint color that looks nice on your home.

If you are part of an HOA and don’t follow the rules, you’ll have to pay for your home to be repainted, costing you more time and money. Get a good visual of your home, taking in the colors of your neighbor’s house, accent colors, bricks, and other landscape features. By looking at photos similar to yours before and after their paint job, you can get a feel for what your home might look like before committing to a color.

Don’t forget! Sample colors can be applied so you can have a reference for the colors on your home before the entire structure is painted.

Paint Quality

You can’t get a great paint job from cheap paint, even with a professional painter.

A great paint job means using quality paints that will stand up to the elements since your home will be repeatedly exposed to rain, sun, and wind. Research the kind of paint used by your contractor and make sure it will give the quality coverage you need.

Even with top quality paint, two coats may be used to ensure proper coverage and a smoother finish.


Great paint jobs come from great painting contractors.

Pressure washing and repairing any damage before priming and applying paint is critical to ensure a great paint job. Without doing these things first, the paint will not apply properly, and your home will be left with blotches of uneven paint, some of which may begin peeling in no time.

Once the home is properly prepared for painting, using quality paints will have your home looking its best. Cheap paints cannot deliver a great paint job. Two coats of good quality paint and your home will be looking fresh.

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