Hottest Paint Trends In Sarasota

Can you believe we’re almost done with 2021?

That means this year’s most fashionable paint trends for your Sarasota home are starting to pop.

Perennially, now is a great time to tackle home improvement projects like painting, and mixing up the colors you surround yourself with can be a great way to change your mood, clean things up a bit, and deepen how you feel about your particular surroundings.

It’s a very mixed reaction this year from designers. They are stretching their palettes from dark and woodsy greens to the occasionally jarring ebony wall to accent personal spaces.

Sure, there are the usual suspects like Pinterest, which likes the very hot mustard yellow as well as painted geometric patterns.

Then, Pantone went with a bright coral blue as their color of choice for the year.

Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore went with a super-popular Lilac Grey. This is not only ostensibly classic but also more gender-neutral, warmer and cheery.

Here are some of the hottest interior paint colors that are trending in 2019 in Indianapolis.

Deep Green Paint Trends in Sarasota

There’s a trend towards adopting a deep, dark green that seems to translate the current mood towards lush botanicals and the healing power of nature. Pantone named the shade, which is officially called “Night Watch,” as one of its top 2019 paint colors. While it’s a bit of a retro throwback, this is a great choice for well-lit, spacious rooms that allow the mind and body to stretch out.

Forever Blue

Blue is named as people’s favorite color all the time. It not only complements the greens we mentioned above but evokes a sense of calm. As a result, it’s a serious go-to for more traditional interior designers. They tend to favor a more casual approach to the hues of a room.

As such, deep blues, ice blues, and pale powder blue can evoke the feeling a designer is after. You can also place “mist,” in the blue category. Mist offers itself as a gift to designers who want a more flexible color for the canvas to background their colors and style choices.

Mustard Yellow in Siesta Keys

Designers are opting for the pop of color that is mustard yellow. This paint trend is mainly used for accents, trim, and other applications that create depth and offer big rewards. This is especially popular for interior painting in Sarasota and Siesta Keys.

More Gray Paint Trends

Dove gray is always going to be a perennial go-to for interior designers. However, many are turning this year to a moodier alternative called Lilac Gray. Lilac Gray offers a warm, minimalist feel without giving residents the more neutral feeling that traditional grays can evoke.

Go Nuts

For those who are looking for something a little warmer and inviting, several shades of auburn can do the trick. As a result, Hazelnut and Mushroom are great color choices. Hazelnut which can brighten a room and reflect more light. Additionally, Mushroom, an inviting alternative to old-school browns, bronzes and rust colors evokes the natural world as well as accenting natural furnishings.

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