Painting Before Listing Your House – The Ultimate Guide

Painting Before Listing Your House – The Ultimate Guide

You’ve decided to sell your home and you’re looking at what you can do before listing. If painting isn’t on your list, it should be!

Not only does a fresh coat of paint give hone buyers the chance to make the home their own but painting the exterior can increase the value of your home.

Return on Investment

Painting is one of the cheapest things you can do to increase the value of your home. Candidly, if you hire professional painters, you may get a slightly lower ROI.

If you have the skills, painting yourself could bring a nice investment for your time and labor.

You could see an extra 1-3% increase in your home’s value simply by applying a fresh coat of paint inside and out. That’s thousands of dollars in your pocket!

The return on investment could easily offset some or all of the real estate commission when you sell your house.

Exterior Paint

Your home will leave a lasting first impression on potential buyers. If the exterior of your home is littered with chipped paint spots, wear, and unsightly colors, it could turn off buyers before they ever step foot in the door.

Painting the exterior of your home increases the curb appeal and can make your home stand out amongst your neighbors.

You may find yourself asking what color you should paint the exterior of your home. The answer in general is something neutral.

Bolder colors could deter buyers, since finding matching décor could leave them with very few options. Shades of grey with white trim have been popular in recent years.

Grey leaves the door to decorate wide open since it’s a neutral shade. If you insist on using a bold color, you could paint the trim another color. Don’t get too wild with colors, though! If your home has a lot of wood moldings and accents, tans and beiges will accent them nicely.

Home With Great Interior Painting

Interior Paint

Since you’re painting the exterior before listing your house, you may want to paint the interior as well.

If your walls have peeling paint, buyers may feel like you didn’t take care of your home, which could leave them wondering what else they will have to fix themselves.

If you have wallpaper inside your home, it’s time to ditch it and get a fresh coat of paint instead. Wallpaper can turn buyers away since most patterns make a room look too busy and outdated.

Matching décor can also be difficult with wallpaper! Light, neutral colors are the go-to shades for interior painting. Lighter colors brighten up rooms and make them appear larger. Larger rooms are more appealing to buyers.

By keeping the walls neutral, you’ll also give buyers the chance to picture their own visions in the room without being interrupted by loud, bold colors.

Colors to Avoid

We have already noted that you’ll want to avoid bold colors, but there are some paint colors you definitely want to avoid.

While white has its place as a nice, neutral color that can accommodate any taste, off-white and eggshell-colored walls in the kitchen fetched less when sold than similar homes with wheat yellow kitchens.

Rooms with great natural lighting are an excellent choice for white walls, but smaller, darker rooms will look dull and flat with white walls.

While gray is a common, neutral color that can bring value to your home, slate gray shades in the dining room or living room could cost you money. Mauve, eggplant, and lavender were favored shades in the dining room.

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  • When it’s time to list your home for sale, painting can give you a nice return on investment.
  • Avoid bold colors both inside and out.
  • Neutral colors, such as grays and natural shades of green will leave rooms appearing larger and brighter while giving buyers the opportunity to picture their designs in the rooms.
  • Exterior painting can increase the curb appeal of your home, but you’ll want to avoid bright, bold colors that could attract the eyes of people for unwanted reasons.
  • Grab your brushes, rollers, and paint, and dive into this easy DIY.
  • Call Indy Precision Painters if you want a professional paint job.

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