Why Fall Is The Perfect Time To Paint Your Home

We often put off larger home improvement projects, especially large outdoor projects, until the weather gets nicer. Also, we try to wait until the risk of storms isn’t as great. One of those projects may be painting your home. While it’s a task some homeowners dislike, a fresh coat of paint can give your home a fresh feel. Continue reading to see why fall is the perfect time to paint your home.


The most obvious reason why fall is the perfect time to paint your home is the weather. The intense heat of summer can drag the task out since nobody wants to work in extreme weather conditions.

Working in the summer heat can also be potentially dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Since spring and summer tend to bring periods of extended rainfall, painting your home during these months may be in vain if a surprise storm were to hit before the paint had time to dry properly. Paint may also be more difficult to work with in extremely hot or cold temperatures, making the paint job look poorly done and leaving drips of paint down your home.

Fall presents the perfect weather for painting your home since the temperatures are milder than the previous months and there tends to be less moisture in the air.

This is beneficial not only for the person doing the painting since they won’t be stuck working in extreme temperatures, but also to the look of the paint itself since it will adhere and dry better during the milder days.

Busy Months Ahead

Nobody has time for home improvement projects during the holiday months. Between kids being out of school, work parties, or family gatherings, there may be little time to complete the projects you’ve been waiting to start. By painting your home in the fall, you avoid the chaos of the holiday months and give your home a new look before the rush of friends and family visiting.

Less Pests

If you have to work around bushes and trees to paint your home, pests may be a problem during the summer months. Nobody wants bitten by mosquitoes or flies while trying to complete their home improvement projects! Painting your home in the fall means less pests to deal with so you won’t have to tend to bites and stings while painting.

Kids Are Back to School

If you try to complete larger projects during the summer and you have children, you may find yourself getting interrupted to tend to them. Since children will be in school for several hours a day in the fall, you can work without distractions to complete your task promptly.

There are many reasons why fall is the perfect time to paint your home. The cooler weather makes it easier on the person painting and is the ideal weather for the paint to adhere and dry properly. Since rainstorms happen less during the fall than they do the summer and spring, you can paint your home without running the risk of rain ruining the paint job before it has a chance to dry.

There are also less distractions in the fall since children will be going back to school, and the later months are filled with holidays where time may be too tight to paint your home.

If you’re considering painting your home this fall, contact us for a free color consultation!

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