Why You Should Paint Your Sarasota Home This Winter

While winter is great for lazy days cuddled up on the couch with some hot chocolate and feel-good movies, the colder days can be spent being productive and updating your home.

Painting may be the last thing on your mind in the winter, but it is a great time for the simple home improvement project. Here’s why winter is a great time to paint your Indianapolis home.


Everybody loves a good deal and it’s no secret that professional painters don’t come cheap. You can save money on labor by painting your home in winter. Professional painters tend to be less busy during the winter months and statistics have shown you may be able to save up to 40% if you choose to paint your home’s interior in winter!


Since painters have less work in the winter, they have more flexibility. Schedules can get crazy and booked quickly for customers during winter months as they schedule family visits and dinners and shop for last-minute gifts. The good news is despite customers having a busy schedule, the painters will have more flexibility to work around the schedule since they will likely have fewer customers in winter. No more stressing about rushing home to meet the painters!

Since most people opt for painting their home in the spring, summer, and fall, it can be difficult to find a time that works for both the customer and the painters.

Maximize Home Value

Since spring is when houses tend to hit the market in masses, painting in winter will get your home ready for the spring real estate season if you are looking to sell. Fresh coats of paint add to your home’s value, whether you are selling or not, but taking advantage of the deals for winter painting will maximize your home’s value in spring for sellers.

Faster Curing

High humidity can lengthen the time it takes for paint to dry properly. Since the air in winter is cold and dry, the paint will cure quicker, resulting in shorter completion time. You can help the drying process along with by opening or cracking windows in the rooms that need to dry, so the cold air can circulate.


Since work slows down in the winter, you may notice you have more lazy days. While it’s good to relax now and then, doing something productive can help you feel good about yourself and your home. Since it is a short-term project, you can get it done and enjoy the result of your productivity for the rest of winter.

If painting your home isn’t on your winter to-do list, it should be. You will be able to score some good deals on professional painters since they offer more competitive quotes in the winter due to fewer customers. You’ll also be able to find painters with more flexibility in winter. If you’re looking to sell in spring, this will get your home ready so you can maximize your home’s value when the time comes around to put it on the market.

Don’t spend your winter sitting on the couch with hot chocolate and fleece blankets. Doing something productive, like painting your home, gives a feel-good vibe of accomplishment. You’ll also enjoy faster curing times so the project won’t take as long as it might during more humid days.

Thinking of hiring an Sarasota painting company this winter? Contact us a call today for a free estimate!

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